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We embrace sustainable urban lifestyle

What Makes Us Different

Fit your Buisness

Convey your brand to customers by Custom Printing with Low MOQ


Paperboard of Vrgin pulp products come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainably managed forests

Customer Satisfaction

Focusing on clients and consumers for our quality over 20 years

Eco-Friendly production of Jazzi

Our Eco-Friendly product series are made by materials certified by European Bioplastics scheme which guarantees the composability compliance to European standard EN 13432. Sustainability is also an important part of our raw material sourcing. All Jazzi product paperboard comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainably managed forests. We also aim to minimize waste and maximize recycle for scrap in our production process.


Target of Jazzi Paper Products

Jazzi product lines are designed to end-customers or SME vendors who need SKU with packing in flexible sizes and volumes. We offer full line of single and double-wall paper cups, eco-friendly lids, bio disposable cutlery, accessories and short run prints of customized paper cups. Sustainability is one of key elements of our products. We embrace green catering in urban lifestyle by application of innovative eco-friendly biodegradable materials.

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Origin of Jazzi Brand

Pronunciation of Jazzi is about purity and clarity in Chinese language, which fits the idea of our compostable paper products aim at minimizing carbon footprint to environment by sustainable pulp sources and avoidance of bleaching chemicals in particular series.

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